Welcome to Psycholinguistic Associates

Psycholinguistic Associates provides evaluation services for children and adults. We specialize in the areas of dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities.
We provide the following services:
-- psycholinguistic evaluations
-- language learning disabilities evaluations
-- speech/language evalutions
-- classroom observations
-- Fast ForWord monitoring
-- attendance at IEP meetings
-- consultation
-- inservice presentations

What is psycholinguistics?
It is the study of how we use vocabulary and grammatical structures to create meaningful sentences. It also is the study of the processes we use to understand words and text.
Developmental psycholinguistics studies children's ability to learn language.

Psycholinguistic Associates

Contacting Psycholinguistic Associates

You may contact Dr. Robert Kemper by phone, fax, email, or postal mail.

(603) 580-4363

(603) 580-5760


Postal mail
Psycholinguistic Associates, Inc.
118 Portsmouth Avenue, Suite 2B2
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